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There are two categories for artists to apply for.

The first is member at large.  This category is open to all artists who paint
landscapes.  The artist's name is listed and linked as a text link to his or her
website.  This link will be created as soon as the artist has added the reciprocal link
on his or her site, and a link to the page with our link on it has been sent to the

The second category is Signature Artist.  Signature artists may use the COA
provided by The American Society of landscape Painters for their works, and may
also use the signature logo on their websites.  Signature artists are selected by a
committee on the merits of their work.  Signature artists are listed on the Signature
artists page with an image of their work that links to their website.  Once again the
link is not created until the artist has sent a link to the page on their website showing
a reciprocal link.

This site does not offer nor broker any works for sale.  Any sales that occur as a
result of this site are strictly between the buyer and the artist. Users of this site
agree to hold harmless this site and its creators for any issues, legal or otherwise
that may arise.

By requesting to be included on this site you agree to all of the above conditions.

Please contact us to have your website reviewed.

When you contact us for membership please include the following information in the
comments section of the form:
1. Your name
2. Your website URL
3. The name of the image you want us to capture from your site for the catalogue
We will NOT open attachments.
4. Please tell us your geographic area, if you are a listed artist, gallery represented,
and/or have a museum history
5. Please tell us the kind of landscapes you paint, impressionist, photo realism,
expressionist, abstract, etc...

JOIN NOW!  The cataloguing fee has been waived for the
first 100 members.
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