The resources provided at no cost to artists by Ruth Robertson make one of the
most visited sites on the Web.

Okay, you've told everyone that you are an artist, you make art, you have a studio, you have a
website, you have approached galleries, but you are still having a tough time marketing your work.
The thing to remember is that most collectors not only buy the artwork, but the artist too! The same
goes for galleries.  They not only sell the artwork, but the artist too. That is why you, the artist, have
to take the time to give the gallery something to market about you.  Give the collector something to

Even an emerging artists can have an instant resume, and emerge as a listed artist.  Most  serious
collectors want to be sure that the artist who's work they are buying is a serious artist who will be
around for the  long haul.  The artist who takes the time to become listed, a documented artist, is
saying "hey, I am here to stay!"  It is another way to give credibility to your work, and an important
one.  This also raises the value of your work, and in the long run, enables you to ask more for it.

The following are links to several publishers where you can submit your biography in order to
become a listed artist.  It will take awhile to process your biography so please be patient.

Marquis Who's Who

The Blue Book Of North American Artists/


ArtPrice doesn't make it easy for artists to submit their biography and resume. Contact them via their
website to find out how to submit. This THE most important site to be listed on. is the
main resource for most auction houses, appraisers, and collectors.  It is well worth the extra effort it
will take you.

It is free to submit your biography to any of these sites.  It is free to be listed.
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